Welcome to the fantastic world of bathroom accessories Hotelperfection: the right solution to your needs.

The bathroom accessories Hotelperfection are produced in accordance with the strictest European standards using high quality materials that ensure our products quality and superior durability compared to all other accessories on the market.

The bathroom accessories are manufactured only with high quality brass and are guaranteed for a period of ten (10) years if installed and maintained in accordance with our instructions.

The Hotelperfection bathroom accessories have a unique design, with lines to remain unchanged over time, incorporating all the features that a line of accessories for the bathroom must have: Beauty, style, functionality, durability and reliability.

One of the features that we want to emphasize is that all our bathroom accessories are manufactured only with top quality brass as opposed to a multitude of bathroom accessories on the market that are produced with other materials.

There is in fact the Zamac (alloy of zinc and lead) which is much cheaper but it oxidizes quickly, there is steel (an alloy of iron and other minerals), which is cheaper but the brass plating on the surface does not adhere well even the stainless steel (an alloy of chromium and zinc) is resistant to corrosion but the quality of its chrome is very different than the chrome finish taps and other chrome accessories in the bathroom and it is for this reason that not much loved by international architects and designers.

All our bathroom accessories, chrome finish, after the production of brass components, are polished and then undergo a treatment with a heavy nickel and chrome bathroom.

The thickness of the chrome finish with nickel and chrome bath is 13 microns in thickness of 0.10 microns than normally exceed the standards of other manufacturers.

In addition, our accessories after the final phase of chromium, are treated with a further bathroom protective fog that fills all the pores on the surface of the accessories.

Moreover to complete the process allowing water, which will rest on the surface of the accessories, to slide easily and to allow easier drying and maintenance by the staff and the rooms while remaining bright and shiny.

Our Bathroom Accessories are also equipped with a fixing system that avoid theft and vandalism actions.

Our fixing system to the wall is simple and safe, offering the possibility of fixing the accessory on the spaces between the tiles and avoid unpleasant breakage and damage during mounting operations.

This fastening system is commonly called "Rosetta" which allows the coverage of screws and accessories to avoid oxidation.

With the system, "Rosetta" you only need two screws and all fittings are secured to the mounting plate to the wall by a hexagonal screw which is a further protection against vandalism actions, unlike many other accessories on the market that use standard screws using a standard screwdriver and removable therefore more easily removeble.